Where is JkpgHack located?

JkpgHack will take place in Science Parks facilities at Gjuterigatan 9 in Jönköping.

When is JkpgHack?

Jkpghack will be held from February 26th to 28th, check out the Schedule page for more information about the how the hackathon days will be spent.

How much will the event cost me?

JkpgHack will cost 150 kr for each attendant, this will be paid at the entrance to the hackathon in cash or by using Swish.

What am I required to bring with me?

It is not necessary to bring anything to the hack, but a computer will surely come in handy.

What will be provided for me at JkpgHack?

We will provide pizzas, mentorship, lectures, a fantastic atmosphere and an awesome weekend!

Do I need to know programming to join?

No, not at all. We believe that a mix of people will be needed to come up with the greatest ideas.

What language will JkpgHack be held in?

We want international students to feel as welcome as anybody else and therefore the hackathon will be kept in English but the organizers and most of the mentors and jury are Swedish and will be able to speak Swedish. Some of the lectures may be in Swedish though.

Do I need to join as a team or can I come alone?

If you’re not part of a team already, there will be plenty of time to meet people at the hackathon and form a team there.

Who are the organizer of JkpgHack?

Two students, Linus Rudbeck and Herman Kullberg, studying computer science at Jönköping University, with help from Science Park and Seekly. Say hello to them over at the contact page.

This is awesome, how can I help?

If you like our initiative and feel like supporting us please contact us here.

Are there any limitations in hackers?

Yes, the facilities we are using can only fit 150 hackers, so sign up today to guarantee your spot at the hackathon.

When do I pay and how?

You will need to pay at the beginning of JkpgHack by using Swish or pay in cash.

How will this hack give me the most brilliant of ideas?

We will provide mentors and open APIs to help the teams come up with something great.

Is the registration obligatory?

Yes, to join the competition you need to register here.


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