Follow-up JkpgHack

First of all we would like to thank all of the participants of JkpgHack 2016, you made this event an awesome weekend!

The following ideas where created during the weekend:

Eco Buddy – A game that through e-learning learns ours kids to take care of planet Earth.
Fairchoice – Market place for environment friendly e-business agreements.
Odbite – An application to inform about animals that are close to extinction.
Fivers – An IoT-idea where you track the amount of food waste from your household.
Matfynd – Application for selling left overs from restaurants.
Ecoloco – An application for smart barter trading.
Flowerate – Find clean and healthy air by using a IoT solution that stores information from e.g hotels.

We are now taking some time of JkpgHack but are confident that we are coming back even better next time around!

Thanks to all of our lecturers and mentors and jury members.

Last of all we would like to thank our fantastic sponsors who did this possible: Consid, FC Event, Jmini, JUNET, Jönköping Kommun, Science Park, Seekly and of course Sogeti!


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